2022 Experts: 90% USA Women Pass On Crypto | Investment Risk Problematic

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Both investors and companies operating in the space are finding the crypto market downturn to be a difficult storm. New research reveals that women are interested, but not enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, though.

According to Coincu News, the present cryptocurrency market suggests that now is a good moment for the crypto community to step up efforts to attract women. The study, which covered US women and their attitudes toward cryptocurrency investing, was conducted from September 2021 to March 2022.

Women Are Still Very Optimistic About The Current Crypto Market

Between September 2021 and March 2022, BlockFi, a crypto trading and investing platform, surveyed women across the United States about their views on and engagement in the crypto business.

According to the statistics, one in every ten women picked cryptocurrency as their first investment, with 17% being Millennial women and 11% being Generation Z. According to the findings, 7% of Generation X cited cryptocurrency as their first investment.

However, as previous research has shown, more education and transparency in the field are required to make investors feel comfortable and confident in their investments.

Women Are Still Very Optimistic About The Current Crypto Market

According to the poll, despite the vast majority of questioned women (81%) having heard of cryptocurrency, 77% still regard it as a dangerous investment.

Despite the business and educational restrictions, many women envision a place for themselves in the sector. Over one-fifth (22%) want to acquire cryptocurrency in the coming year. Among a variety of investment options, 20% of Gen Z named Bitcoin the best long-term investment.

According to data from the BlockFi poll, women are here to hodl, with 69% of female crypto owners claiming they hold crypto and stay hold-only.

Women Are Still Very Optimistic About The Current Crypto Market

Flori Marquez, founder and CEO of BlockF, believes that the present crypto market collapse is the ideal opportunity to expand these networks of female hodlers:

“The best building happens during bear markets. It’s imperative that we utilize this time to build products and communities that are inclusive to all investors.”

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