February 2024: AltcoinDaily Brands Energi’s Strategic Defense As Safest Blockchain

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Energi implemented innovative security procedures, and AltcoinDaily’s expertise identified their system as the safest worldwide in a recent video with Energy personnel. As shown in the Energy Newsletter below, they also discussed the GonnaMakeIt NFT Marketplace and highlighted the profitable return on investment for Masternode investors.


Welcome to the February edition of the Energi Newsletter. We’re excited to share the latest developments that continue to position Energi at the forefront of blockchain security and innovation. From exclusive insights to strategic partnerships and community-driven initiatives, join us in exploring the milestones that are shaping our journey towards a safer, more vibrant crypto ecosystem.

Energi Newsletter — February 2024
  1. Exclusive Interviews and Community Engagement
Altcoindaily Review

AltcoinDaily’s Insight: Energi’s Strategic Defense Against Digital Threats 🚨
In the latest feature, Energi’s groundbreaking security measures are highlighted by AltcoinDaily, branding it the safest blockchain globally. The video described Energi’s three-tiered defense strategy: wallet alerts, our unique on-chain governance enabling the freezing of malicious assets, and asset recovery, and our T+3 settlement for sending funds to bridges and exchanges in order to catch bad actors before they can get away with stolen assets. The video also celebrated Energi’s robust community of Masternodes, underscoring its impressive growth and, highlighting the appealing 18% ROI for Masternode investors and a 9% general staking ROI. Towards the end, the video delved into GonnaMakeIt NFT Marketplace offering guaranteed royalties and advanced anti-theft protections, alongside the expectation of further airdrops for users.
Check out the video here

Coinsider Review

💡 From Vision to Vanguard: Energi’s Security Strategy Unveiled by Coinsider 🌟
We spotlight a compelling feature by Coinsider, one of our esteemed partners, on Energi’s robust response to the crypto world’s security challenges. In 2023, the crypto community faced nearly $2 billion in losses due to hacks and scams, underscoring the critical need for enhanced security measures. The host shares his personal experience with crypto loss, highlighting how Energi’s security features, like wallet alerts, the Energi Bureau of Investigations, and decentralized governance, set a new benchmark for blockchain safety. The video also previews the GonnaMakeIt NFT Marketplace, emphasizing its anti-theft capabilities and royalty protection, underscoring Energi’s dedication to a safe and prosperous ecosystem for users.
Check out the video here

2. 🔒 Energi x Gnosis Safe: Revolutionizing Security with Multi-Signature Wallets

Energi-Gnosis Safe Integration

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Gnosis Safe, marking a significant advancement in blockchain security and versatility. With Gnosis Safe’s smart contracts now active on the Energi blockchain, we’re opening up new possibilities for Projects, DAOs, and Individual Users to establish multi-signature wallets. This integration facilitates seamless Treasury/Fund Management and Governance, enabling secure and efficient operations without the need for coding expertise. For more insights into this groundbreaking partnership, explore further details here.

3. 📢 Amplifying Energi: A Strategic Push to Dominate Social Media 🚀

Social Media Growth

Energi’s marketing team, under the leadership of Tommy, is dynamically employing a push strategy to amplify brand visibility. With a bold move, we’re significantly enhancing our Twitter presence, releasing over 1,000 tweets monthly across both Energi and GMI Twitter accounts — a feat unprecedented since their inception. Moreover, the innovative use of the raid tool, executing raids twice daily, allows our community members to engage with influencer posts actively, further amplifying our reach. This strategic push aims to elevate the visibility of the Energi ecosystem and attract a broader user base, steering us toward greater adoption and community growth. Join us in spreading the word and enhancing Energi’s presence!

4. Energi x Roundtable spaces: The Safest Blockchain for Businesses & Users🛠️ 🌟


In a recent Roundtable Twitter space, Tommy World Power from Energi shared insights into how Energi is tackling the crypto world’s pressing security issues. He discussed the blockchain’s unique enforcement capabilities, highlighting its success in virtually eliminating theft and ensuring asset recovery through innovative decentralized governance. The conversation also touched on future plans, notably the launch of the Gonna Make It NFT marketplace, aimed at offering unparalleled security and royalty protection to users. Tommy’s passion for creating a safer blockchain ecosystem resonated with listeners, emphasizing Energi’s commitment to leading the charge towards ethical money and a secure crypto future.
Check out the video here

5. Ecosystem Update: Governance Documents Updated! and Governance Voting🗳️

Energi Governance

Energi’s governance documents have received an important update, reflecting our commitment to transparency and community participation. These documents outline the framework for decision-making and collaboration within the Energi ecosystem.

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