Energi 2024: “The Apple of Blockchains” / The Only Crime-Free Blockchain

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Tommy Worldpower, founder of Energi, recently had a deep conversation with Nicholas Merten, also known as DataDash, about how Energi is tackling Security, which is the biggest issue in the crypto world. You can read about it in the April 2024 Energi Newsletter below. This conversation talked about “Defense in Depth” and how it can help protect against many types of threats, such as personal scams, threats from bad exchanges, and big protocol breaches. There was also talk about the Killer Whales show and the planned soft start of the GMI NFT Marketplace.

Welcome to the April edition of the Energi Newsletter. Discover insights from Tommy’s talk with Nicholas Merten about our “Defense in Depth” strategy and our goal to be the “Apple of Blockchains,” focusing on privacy and integration. Celebrate the GMI NFT Marketplace’s soft launch on our Mainnet and Tommy’s standout pitch on the Killer Whales show. Plus, it’s time to celebrate as Energi turns 6. Let’s get started as we unpack the many surprises in this edition.

1. Exclusive Interviews and Community Engagement

Datadash-Tommy Interview

🔒 Inside Energi’s Defense Strategy: A DataDash Exclusive 🎙️
In a recent conversation with Nicholas Merten AKA DataDash, Tommy shared profound insights into how Energi is addressing the crypto world’s most significant challenge — Security. The dialogue explored the “Defense in Depth” strategy, highlighting its role in protecting against a range of threats, including individual scams, rogue exchange threats, and significant protocol breaches. The interview also highlighted the upcoming soft launch of the GMI NFT Marketplace and the Killer Whales show. Catch the entire conversation here.

AltcoinDaily- Energi as Apple of Blockchains

💼 The ‘Apple of Blockchains’
In a recent engaging discussion on AltcoinDaily, Tommy spotlighted Energi’s innovative on-chain law enforcement via decentralized governance, positioning it as the World’s Safest Blockchain.
The conversation further explored Energi’s aspiration to embody the “Apple of Blockchains,” prioritizing user privacy and a seamless integration of services, much like Apple’s ecosystem.
Highlighting a significant incident with an exchange, Tommy illustrated Energi’s capability to safeguard the community’s assets against unforeseen threats, showcasing the blockchain’s robust governance and preventive mechanisms.
Check out the video here

2. GMI NFT Marketplace Begins Its Journey on Energi Mainnet 🎉

GMI Soft Launch

We’re stepping into an exciting phase with the soft launch of the GMI NFT Marketplace on the Energi Mainnet, marking a pivotal moment in our ecosystem expansion. This initial phase welcomes select community members for testing, setting the stage for widespread adoption and the introduction of leading NFT collections directly on the Energi network. As we refine GMI’s advanced features, we eagerly anticipate its public release next quarter tentatively. Your participation and feedback during this phase are invaluable to us. Together, we’re not just testing a platform; we’re shaping the future of NFTs on Energi. You can get started with testing here.

3. A Killer Pitch: Tommy’s Vision for a Secure NFT Future Impresses Judges on Killer Whales Show 🏆

GMI Featured on KillerWhales Show

Tommy WorldPower, Founder/CEO of Energi and GMI, recently showcased his innovation on the crypto world’s first Shark Tank-style show, Killer Whales. This appearance has significantly elevated Energi and GMI’s profile, gaining unanimous approval from all judges. The show features an esteemed judges panel including Crypto Wendy, Alex (NFT God), Austin and Arnold from Altcoin Daily, Illa Da Producer of Yuga Labs, and comedian Kevin Sonei (KMoney). Tommy’s pitch not only highlighted GMI’s commitment to low fees, guaranteed royalties, and top-notch anti-scam protection but also emphasized Energi’s infrastructure’s unique capability to safeguard users against prevalent cyber threats. This endorsement marks a momentous step for both Energi and GMI, promising a secure future for NFTs. Watch Tommy’s fiery pitch and the judges’ response here.

4. Energi Expands to More Markets Through LBank Listing 🌍📈 🚀

Energi Lbank Listing

We’re thrilled to announce Energi’s listing on LBank Exchange! This marks a significant milestone in our listing efforts, as we introduce Energi to an even broader audience globally. LBank’s commitment to top-notch security and a diverse array of trading options mirrors our own values, making this listing a perfect fit. As we continue to expand NRG’s availability and enhance our ecosystem, your support fuels our journey toward innovation and growth. Here’s to celebrating this achievement together and looking forward to many more to come. Start trading NRG on LBank here!

5. Energi Turns 6: Celebrating the Journey of the World’s Safest Blockchain 🎂🎉

Energi 6th Anniversary

Energi recently celebrated its 6th anniversary, marking a time to reflect on the incredible journey since its Mainnet launch on April 14th, 2018. From that first block, forged at 2:42 pm UTC, we’ve surpassed over 2 million blocks and over 37 million transactions — a testament to our continuous growth. Remaining a crime-free blockchain for the last three years with zero reported incidents, we remain the only blockchain to protect its citizens 24/7.
Our journey has been powered by an ever-expanding ecosystem, and the heartbeat of this progress is you — our community. Your unwavering love and support have been the catalyst for all we’ve built and achieved. A special shout-out to our Masternode community; with over 500 nodes, you’ve helped shape Energi into one of the world’s largest DAOs. Here’s to many more years of innovation, community, and growth. Happy 6th Birthday, Energi! 🎉

6. Cast Your Vote: Participate in Energi’s Monthly Governance Voting 📢👥

Energi Monthly Governance Vote

It’s time for the monthly governance voting, where your participation makes a difference. If you’re a Masternode holder, head over to Nexus to cast your vote on the latest treasury proposals. For all the details and to engage in discussions around these proposals, join us on Discord’s Live Proposal channel. Your insights, questions, and votes are more than just contributions; they’re the driving force behind the continuous growth and evolution of the Energi ecosystem. Your voice is pivotal, and together, we shape the path forward.

Help mold Energi’s future! 🛠️ Your insights matter to us. Join our community survey here and express your views. Your participation is instrumental in navigating Energi’s course.

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