Energi EVM Environment Best In Security And Asset Recovery: DataDash May 2024

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Greetings and welcome to the Energi Newsletter’s May edition! They’re thrilled to provide updates on their ongoing developments and community-driven projects in this issue. There’s a lot to catch up on, from their improved security protocols to their joint ventures with influencers, and from their engaging community AMAs to their ground-breaking advancements on their GMI platform. Read on to explore the specifics of Energi’s past events and learn about their future.


Exclusive Interviews and Community Engagement
Secure L1

Energi’s Dominance in Secure Layer 1 Solutions: A New Narrative in the Crypto Space 🔒
In a recent deep dive, DataDash highlighted the evolving narrative of secure Layer 1s (L1s) in the cryptocurrency space, emphasizing Energi’s pioneering role in this domain. As the next-generation infrastructure for smart contracts and decentralized applications continues to be a hot topic, Energi sets itself apart by delivering unparalleled security features. Unlike its counterparts, Energi has implemented a robust, hack-resistant EVM environment, uniquely positioning it as a leader in asset security and recovery. This security is achieved through Energi’s unique ‘defense in depth’ technology, enabling fund recovery after a hack. This innovative framework not only protects users but also fosters a fertile ground for developing and testing new applications safely. Catch the detailed explanation here.


Energi in Focus: How Influencer Partnerships Propel Its Blockchain Vision 🌟🚀
Energi is expanding its reach by collaborating with micro-influencers in the crypto community to increase audience engagement and boost demand. Influencers like Mayank Kaharayat (watch the video here), Oscar Ramos (watch the video here), and Ajwritescrypto (watch the video here) have recently showcased Energi’s unique features and contributions to blockchain security. Mayank delved into Energi’s leadership in blockchain security, highlighting its solid performance and innovative features. Oscar focused on Energi’s unique journey and groundbreaking attributes, explaining what distinguishes it from competitors. Ajwritescrypto, in an interview with Energi’s founder, Tommy WorldPower, discussed the platform’s advanced security model and its unique governance on an EVM chain, emphasizing its success in recovering stolen funds. These strategic collaborations aim to broaden Energi’s audience and strengthen its position as a prominent blockchain contender as it prepares for the next bull run.

2. 🤝 Connect with Energi: Monthly AMAs to Keep Our Community in the Loop! 🔄

Community AMA

Energi’s founder, Tommy, has launched a new initiative to enhance community engagement: hosting monthly community calls with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. These sessions aim to keep the community updated on the latest developments in both marketing and technology. Recognizing the community as Energi’s backbone, Tommy is committed to transparency and direct interaction. To participate and interact with the founder and developers during these AMAs, keep an eye on notifications from Energi’s Twitter and Discord channels.

3. 🌟 Explore GMI’s New Features & Claim Your Genesis Gem!

GMI Updates

The GMI team has been making swift progress since its soft launch, continuously enhancing the platform with innovative features. Recent updates include batch buying, NFT transfers, sweep features, and a new bidding system. The team is also rigorously testing a multichain NFT bridge, which will soon allow users to securely migrate their NFTs between the Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC chains.

In addition to these technical improvements, we’re excited to involve our community in a special initiative: the distribution of the Genesis Gem collection. If you’re part of the community and interested in obtaining one of these unique NFTs, please open a ticket on our Discord to claim yours. Experience the enhanced capabilities of the GMI platform for yourself. Visit us today and get a head start on trading NFTs here.

4. 💪 Unite with Energi: Boost Our Community on Zealy!

Energi Zealy Growth

Energi’s community on Zealy has seen impressive growth, reaching over 1,100 users organically in just a few months. Through Zealy, Energi supporters have become even more engaged, producing 50 raid posts daily to bolster Energi’s social media presence. A big thank you to all the Zealy participants for their dedication! Zealy has also been instrumental in educating users about Energi’s strongest DApps, such as Energiswap, GMI, and its staking and masternode infrastructure while offering a safe starting point for newcomers to the crypto world. Zealy has emerged as a pivotal community arm of Energi, envisioned by Tommy himself. If you support Energi, join our Zealy crew to help strengthen our community here.

5. ⚙️ Energi Governance: Engage and Empower Through Your Masternode

Energi Masternodes

Energi’s Masternode network plays a pivotal role in safeguarding user transactions and ensuring speed. We’re grateful to all Masternode owners who actively participate in our governance votes, helping shape Energi’s future. Despite market fluctuations, our network remains robust, with over 512 Masternodes operational as of May 2024. Masternode owners, we encourage you to engage in discussions about monthly proposals on our Discord’s Live Proposal channel before casting your votes. Your insights are invaluable. If you’re a Masternode holder, head over to Nexus to cast your vote on the latest treasury proposals.

Shape the future of Energi! 🛠️ We value your input. Participate in our community survey by clicking here and share your thoughts. Your involvement is crucial in guiding the direction of Energi.

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