Energi (NRG) Rising as DeFi Blockchain Technology Leader in Growth and Development for 2024

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The following December 2023 Newsletter from Energi highlights the current developments and partnerships that are shaping the company’s future and helping them lead within blockchain technology and the DeFi community.

Energi Cryptocurrency Energi Cryptocurrency

Welcome to the December edition of the Energi Newsletter, where we highlight key developments and collaborations shaping our ecosystem. From exclusive interviews and our new listing on MEXC Exchange, to innovative projects like the Multichain Bridge and the Dojima Network partnership. Energi is making strides in blockchain technology and community engagement!

Energi Newsletter December 2023
  1. Exclusive Interviews and Community Engagement

🚀 Altcoin Daily Interview Ignites Energi 🌟: A Surge in Value and Adoption 📈

In a captivating Altcoin Daily interview, Tommy highlighted Energi’s standout features, such as its unique three-layer security and commitment to ethical finance. He noted Energi’s advantages over other cryptocurrencies and stressed its developer-friendly nature, crucial for NFTs and preventing royalty theft. He foresees Energi as a significant force in the crypto sphere, providing a secure and progressive platform for users and developers. Following the impactful interview Energi’s price action witnessed a remarkable surge, leaping from 8 cents to 30 cents, resulting in over 700 new Energi holders and a similar increase in Coinmarketcap & CoinGecko watchlists. Within a day, an astounding half million dollars worth of NRG was bought on Uniswap, underscoring the success of our focused influencer marketing strategy.

Check out the video here

Energi Altcoindaily Interview

Energi Security Spotlight by DataDash 🛡️: Leading the Way in DeFi Innovation and Adoption 🌐

In a follow-up review, channel partner Nicholas Merten (DataDash) highlighted Energi’s exceptional security approach, featuring a defense-in-depth strategy and solid governance for superior crypto user protection. Energi’s scalable, EVM-compatible features set it uniquely against its peers. Attributes like attractive staking rewards and master node benefits boost its appeal. Committed to secure and innovative smart contract development, Energi stands as a DeFi leader, fostering mainstream blockchain adoption and drawing both developers and the wider community.

Check out the video here

Energi’s dynamic marketing strategy targets a wide range of influencers, from prominent figures to emerging voices in the crypto space. Our efforts to engage with diverse influencers, including Mikhail Yergan from CertiK and Contango Digital Assets, highlight our dedication to expanding Energi’s presence among individual users, organizations, and investor groups.

Energi Datadash Interview

2. Energi (NRG) Launches on MEXC Exchange: Trade Now! 📈⏰

We’re thrilled to announce Energi (NRG)’s official listing on MEXC Exchange which launched on December 18th! Energi will continue efforts throughout 2024 to get listed on additional top-tier exchanges. The NRG/USDT pair on MEXC enhances accessibility and liquidity, opening new trading avenues for our community. Join us on this exciting journey, stay tuned for more high-profile listings, and begin trading NRG here.

Energi MEXC Listing

3. Energi’s Multichain Bridge Testing Takes Off 🚀

Energi Multichain Bridge testing began on December 6th after a successful Discord training session. This bridge connects Energi with Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, and Wanchain, marking a significant step in ecosystem expansion. Starting with ERC-20 transfers, the bridge is set to expand to NFTs after its mainnet debut. We are thankful to our MVPs, Dragon Degen holders, and Nitro Boosters for their essential role in the testing phase. With the mainnet launch on the horizon, Energi is poised for an exciting leap in the DeFi landscape!

Energi Multichain Bridge

4. Energi Joins Forces with Dojima Network: Unleashing a New Wave of Cross-Chain Innovation! 🤝

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Dojima Network, an omnichain Layer 1 cross-chain hub connecting diverse chains (EVM and Non-EVM), pooling assets, and enabling seamless deployment of complex cross-chain applications. The collaboration streamlines the deployment of cross-chain dApps on Energi, ushering in a new era of innovation and blockchain interoperability. It’s a game-changer for cross-chain connectivity and simplifies crosschain dApp deployment on Energi for developers across multiple chains.

Energi Dojima Network Partnership

5. Meet Mojitobot: Amplifying Community Engagement Across Energi’s Social Platforms!🤖
Introducing Mojitobot, the newest member of our Energi Discord family, brought to you by JuiceVendor Labs! Set to revolutionize community engagement across Discord and other social platforms, Mojitobot rewards insightful interactions, from posts and reactions to voice chats and inviting new members. It’s designed to amplify community activity, ensuring every contribution helps spread the word about Energi to a wider audience.

Energi JuiceVendor Labs Partnership

6. Ecosystem Update: Core Node Upgrade and Governance Voting🗳️
We’re happy to share the latest Energi Core Node v1.1.7 update! Thanks to valuable community input, we’ve enhanced the debug_traceTransaction API functions. Grab the new version here. This update is a big step towards our goal of achieving 15-second block times on the Energi Blockchain! Also, a friendly reminder to our community: your voice matters in shaping our ecosystem! Don’t forget to cast your vote on the current governance proposal regarding treasury spending. Your participation is crucial in guiding Energi’s journey forward.

We Value Your Insights! 📋 Join our Energi Community Survey and let your voice be heard. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the path of Energi. Participate in our quick survey here and contribute to Energi’s future direction.

Energi Core Node Upgrade

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